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Photo by René Treece Roberts.

Todd Boss (b. 1968) has influenced millions as an independent American producer, writer, installation artist, and innovator who has contributed to Emmy-winning and Grammy-nominated projects. 


He has created AR/VR installations and building projections, published four books of poetry with W. W. Norton and a children's book with Simon & Schuster's Beach Lane imprint, written lyrics that have premiered at Kennedy Center and Carnegie Hall, produced more than 150 short films that have screened around the world, patented consumer product innovations and brought them to market, conceived and executed nationwide activations, and launched an award-winning podcast. 


His motto is "Wake to the wonder of the world." A farm kid from Wisconsin's Chippewa Valley, he sold all his possessions in 2018 and circled the globe in a series of 40+ house-sits. He is still a nomad.

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More about Todd

Todd's artistic vision is to make the world more poetic. His non-traditional projects exhibit elegance of expression, simplicity of execution, accessibility, and multimedia collaborations. His work often involves development of platforms that invite collaborations, including a cross-disciplinary film company, an augmented-reality app, and a 100-college playwriting residency network.

Social impact is at the heart of Todd’s practice. His ventures skew toward collaborations with women and people of color, or involve tangible charitable give-back for refugee relief work, childhood literacy, disadvantaged youth travel abroad programs, or the work of the American Civil Liberties Union. 

Todd's shared and solo patent projects include The Laptop Strap (a minimalist adhesive that turns a laptop into a wearable device) and Limber Bows (a re-curved shoulder-height alternative to hiking poles).

His public artworks include a train-based VR "thrill ride", a building projection, a river installation, and an AR spirit-guided nature tour — projects that have attracted major grants, awards, and sponsors such as The Minneapolis Star Tribune, The Northern Spark Arts Festival, The University of Minnesota Medical School, The Poetry Foundation, Volkswagen of America, and the Clinton White House.


Todd's four poetry collections are published by W. W. Norton & Co. He has an MFA in Poetry from the University of Alaska-Anchorage. Todd's poems have appeared in The New Yorker, Poetry, National Public Radio, The London Times, American Poetry Review, Georgia Review, New England Review, The Sun, Best American Poetry, and many anthologies. His poetry has been recognized with Prairie Schooner's Glenna Luschei Prize, Virginia Quarterly Review's Balch Prize, the Minnesota Book Award, the Midwest Booksellers' Choice Award, various fellowships, and eleven Pushcart nominations.


His practice of writing poems on private commission evolved into an award-winning podcast called There's a Poem in Thatin which he helps strangers discover the poetry in their most intimate stories — now available on all platforms. The podcast has spun off a mobile pop-up Poetry Therapy Clinic and the world's first poetry commissioning agency.

His lyrics for choir and solo voice have been performed at Kennedy Center, Carnegie Hall, and around the world. Recognitions include features on two Grammy nominated albums, a regional Emmy, and many high-profile commissions, including the Brock Memorial Commission from the American Choral Directors' Association. 

He has worked with 150 filmmakers, and Pulitzer-winning and early-career poets alike, on poetry films that have been presented in Cannes, London, Dublin, New York, LA and elsewhere. His film company, Motionpoems, has been recognized with two regional Emmys and by the National Book Foundation's "Innovations in Reading" Award, and received a $125,000 Knight Arts Challenge, among dozens of awards, citations, and festival laurels.

His first children's book, The Boy Who Said Wow, is forthcoming from Simon & Schuster's Beach Lane imprint.

Todd grew up on an 80-acre cattle farm near Fall Creek, Wisconsin, and attended St. Olaf College and the University of Alaska–Anchorage. In 2018, he sold all his possessions and gave up a permanent address. A nomad, he has since circled the globe on a series of 30 consecutive house-sits and dozens of short term rentals, most recently in Austin, Long Beach, Bozeman, Lisbon, Asheville, and New Orleans. He's written an essay about his nomadic lifestyle here.

You can find Todd's headshot here and access his CV here.

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In the media


These outlets, among others, have recognized Todd Boss Originals:

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What's next? 

Todd's currently at work on a novel, a second children's book, a stage musical, a TV pilot,

consumer product launches, a librettist's workshop, a fifth book of poems, and a gift box concept.

Want more? 

Dive deeper into Todd's creative process by joining his inner circle on Patreon, where he shares behind-the-scenes and in-progress updates on all his projects, poems, patents, and products.

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