A.R. INSTALLATION: Dakota Spirit Walk

A still image from "Dakota Spirit Walk" by Marlena Myles

Todd's augmented and virtual-reality art app Revelo AR features a collaboration with Dakota digital and animation artist Marlena Myles. "Dakota Spirit Walk" is a permanent site-specific digital installation that uses geolocation, audio, and 3D animation to guide users through a series of encounters overlaid upon the once-neglected landscape of Saint Paul's 27-acre Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary near the Mississippi River. The encounters feature augmented-reality Dakota spirits—Grandmother Earth, thunder beings, water serpents, and Grandfather Stone—who share history, mischief, warnings, and wisdom. The Revelo AR app is free in Google Play and Apple app stores.

Todd served as executive producer, bringing Myles together with the immersive team at Pixel Farm of Minneapolis, and supervising the project's development.

Dakota people address grandmother earth, her plants, animals

and all other living beings as relatives, as part of the sacred hoop that

balances the universe. We believe every object in the universe

is Wakháŋ (sacred), having a spirit, life and intelligence and we are all related

through the creator Wakháŋ Tháŋka (Great Mysterious Spirit).

— Marlena Myles

"Dakota Spirit Walk" is the third in a series of AR/VR installations to feature in the Revelo AR app, the first being Chaos on the Green Line. Revelo AR originated as a project of Todd's multimedia company Motionpoems, and was formerly known as MōMōVA: The Moving Museum of Virtual Art.

The experience will launch officially on the summer solstice, June 21, 2022. Subscribe on Todd's "About" page for details.

Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary in Saint Paul gets 300,000 visitors annually.

Revelo AR was conceived by Todd in 2017 as "an app that thinks like an art lab.” It's basically a collaborative platform that pairs multidisciplinary artists with tech teams that can help them realize their artistic visions.

More about "Dakota Spirit Walk" in the voice of artist Marlena Myles:

Revelo AR and "Dakota Spirit Walk" were made possible with support from The National Endowment for the Arts, The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, The City of St Paul’s Cultural Star Program, The Lowertown Future Fund, The Archie D. and Bertha H. Walker Foundation, and The McKnight Foundation.

I created Revelo as a virtual ‘gallery' in which multidisciplinary artists can experiment with an expanded toolkit of immersive technologies they wouldn’t otherwise have access to. I'm grateful that Pixel Farm has embraced the concept so completely, lending their expertise and working side-by-side with artists like Marlena Myles.