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A.R. INNOVATION: A Moving Museum of Virtual Art

Todd adds "museum director" to his hat rack, with this public art initiative — an augmented-reality museum of original place-based digital installations.

MōMōVA: The Moving Museum of Virtual Art (now known as Revelo) is a free smartphone app that uses geolocation to exhibit original commissioned works by various multidisciplinary creators. Your phone becomes a portal to a world overlaid upon the real world, in a series of curated original experiences imagined by world class artists, designers, game developers, architects, and more.

600+ people experienced MōMōVA's proof-of-concept "Chaos on the Green Line" VR thrill ride in 2017. It took place on a moving light rail train in Saint Paul.

MōMōVA was renamed Revelo in 2021, and is available free in Google Play and Apple app stores. In 2022, Revelo featured "Dakota Spirit Walk," and "Dakota Sacred Hoop Walk," two site-specific installations by Dakota artist Marlena Myles.

MōMōVA/Revelo and "Chaos" were made possible by grants from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, the City of St. Paul Cultural Star Grant Program, the National Endowment for the Arts, and other funders.

I've spent a career finding compelling ways to bring people to the arts.

The brilliance of MōMōVA is in its vision to bring the arts to the people. 

— Cara Storm, Former Director of Marketing, SFMOMA

I foresee applications for MōMōVA well beyond public art, toward applied arts like architecture and urban design. I can imagine MōMōVA becoming

a useful tool for communities to reimagine themselves.

 Craig Amundsen, Public Art Director, Weisman Art Museum

I'm passionate about creating platforms for other creators. Motionpoems is a platform, New Plays on Campus is a platform... Revelo promises to be not just a platform but a proving ground for big, bold, technologically challenging experiments. A.R. is new to most creators. With Revelo, I get the thrill of introducing concepts to creative people and learning alongside them. Pretty soon, they're showing me what's possible. I'm grateful to Pixel Farm, Metro Transit, and the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum for embarking on this massive learning curve with me! All aboard!


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