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PATENT + LAUNCH: Limber Bows

Todd's Montana-born cousin John Hermanson of folk duo Storyhill was hiking the Cascade mountains one day in 2018 when he discovered that a curved stick put a little extra spring in his step. Together, John and Todd are bringing patent-pending spring-action Limber Bows to market, currently only available in a limited handmade edition of ash and hickory, wrapped in rawhide handles.

Stick-poles dissipate your energy with every stabbing motion, but high-performance Limber Bows convert that energy and lengthen your posture while providing balance and support.

Users report a sense of buoyancy, upper body benefits, increased stamina, and a renewed connection to the earth. Bows will return you to the trail as a four-legged creature—intuitive, sensitive, propulsive, and indescribably limber.

There are many field techniques beta-testers are using with Limber Bows. The most basic technique is similar to a Nordic ski stride. Several use cases are showcased in the video below, and at the online journal at

In 2022, Shnee's of Bozeman became the first retailer to offer Limber Bows.

With applications in yoga, physical therapy, dance, water sports, and skiing, Limber Bows offer limitless possibilities indoors and out, and across every terrain.

As a partner, Todd's role with the fledgling company is primarily strategic and operational in nature.

John's genius innovation is poetic, minimalist, practical, organic, subtle in its design approach and almost spiritual in its construction: lightweight, with a delicate balance that makes it feel almost like a dowsing rod. It has game-changing implications for users. I'm honored to help support its launch.


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