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LYRIC: Earth Symphony

Todd's epic choral text for composer Jake Runestad's 35-minute Emmy-winnning Earth Symphony is a dramatic monologue narrated by Mother Earth herself.

In five movements, the work imagines Mother Earth’s original hope for humanity, her discovery of its power, her ruination at its hands, her lament at its extinction, and her eventual recovery.

[Excerpt] Forever alone—

four billion years of empty

space and dormant stone.

Then you were born:


and soon upon your face

there dawned a trace of mind!

You scorned the odds

to be reborn as gods of reason,

authors of wonder,

inventors of alchemy,

chemistry, astronomy.

You alone unwound

the helix of my chi. You

mirrored me to me.


You were my light.

Never shall I dare to dream

another dream so bright. ...

The video compilation above features excerpts from all five movements: Evolution, Ambition, Destruction, Lament, and Recovery. The full symphony has a 35-minute run time.

By extending the familiar earth-mother trope, Earth Symphony tells a new story that invites listeners to see humankind's ecological responsibility, potential, and redemption through a wide-angled, time-telescoped lens. The goal of the piece is neither to preach nor to scold, but instead to empathically open an aperture on a complex and urgent issue.

Earth Symphony was commissioned by True Concord Voices and Orchestra of Tucson, Arizona, Eric Holtan, Founding Music Director, through the Dorothy Dyer Vanek Fund for Excellence. It was set for full orchestra and choir by composer Jake Runestad.

I attended the premiere of Earth Symphony, and it was

absolutely stunning! Choirs and orchestras around the world need to

perform this timely work! Can't stop thinking about the colorful score

and the powerful message.

Edith Copley

National President-Elect, American Choral Directors Association (ACDA)

Earth Symphony's three premiere performances in Tucson were met with standing ovations Feb 25-26, 2022. A concert recording by Arizona Public Broadcasting won a regional EMMY for Best Musical Composition. The weekend's performances were carbon neutral thanks to an artist-inspired donation to Tucson's Manzo Elementary School, flagship of the University of Arizona's Community and School Garden Program.

Earth Symphony's European premiere took place in October 2023 by the Bilbao Symphonic Orchestra (pictured left).

The piece has been performed by The National Korean Symphony, Munich Radio Orchestra, and others. It will be featured on a forthcoming album from True Concord due to be released in July 2024.

The German premiere of EARTH SYMPHONY was a huge success.

This piece closed a program. Easily 30 seconds of pin-drop silence,

then a never-ending applause developed into a long standing ovation

and multiple curtain calls. One definitely for the history books.

Joseph R. Olefirowicz

conductor, Munich Radio Orchestra and Bavarian Radio Choir

Earth Symphony is published by JR Music, and is available to ensembles. Preview the score, view the premiere, and read the full text here.

Jake and I wanted to address the climate crisis, but were wary of preaching. By reversing perspectives and condensing time, I was able to approach the subject matter afresh. Jake's music uses a range of emotions—wonder, rage, joy, sorrow, introspection—to appeal to audiences' natural propensities for empathy and compassion. I'm grateful that the maturity of our collaborative relationship allows us to play with such poetic license and creative depth, and I'm honored that True Concord had the leadership vision to commission us.


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