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INTERACTIVE HAPPENING: Bucket, Rope, and Bridge

For two summer days, Todd went rogue with public artist Jack Becker to co-host a 2016 remount of Becker's 1976 installation, "DIY Fountain." This pop-up activity invited passersby to "pull, play, and pour" on the Stone Arch Bridge over the Mississippi River in downtown Minneapolis.

Working with Todd to reprise

my DIY Fountain project turned into a joyful collaboration. Even the trip to Fleet Farm to buy buckets and rope turned into an event! Thanks Todd, for those crazy days on the Stone Arch Bridge.

 Jack Becker

This video by our friends at Ramble Pictures really captures the playful spirit of this pop-up installation! I'm so grateful to Jack Becker for letting me tag along and support him with this project. I loved going rogue with this harmless but oddly profound little game, and seeing the wonder and delight it inspired. I knew I had to be involved in it the minute I heard about it: such an elegantly simple way to connect people to the river and childhood wonders!


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