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BOOK: Someday the Plan of a Town

Todd's years of nomadic house-sitting resulted in Someday the Plan of a Town, his fourth poetry collection from W. W. Norton & Co., released in February 2022.

Reeling from marital, parental, and societal losses, Todd risked everything to be at peace with the world, in a journey that took him all the way around it.

The poems conjure Spanish dust, English rain, French moss, Australian seacoast, Arizona cliffs, and Hungarian light, ringing all the while with timeless humor and wisdom. Way-finding among such themes as love, loss, estrangement, sexuality, consumerism, and religion, Someday the Plan of a Town is a sensual, intellectual, and arrestingly musical map of one nomadic troubadour’s journey to self.

What a gift! What a luminous voice.

— Naomi Shihab Nye

Todd Boss broke all the rules, set sail across the globe, and came back with poems that honor those crossroads where challenge and delight collide.

— Jim Moore

The book is illustrated throughout with small-town map linocuts by Canadian printmaker Pamela Gerbrandt, whose work Todd discovered on Etsy.

Someday the Plan of a Town is a catalog of enchantments that opens with the book's title poem, below.

Someday the Plan of a Town

—right down to its sidetracks and back

alleyways—will match—or so goes

the dream—with some identical patch

of neural network your rogue thoughts

roam in—overlay it like those musculo-

skeletal transparencies with which

anatomy textbooks come bound—and

you’ll be at home in its dogleg jointwork

of cobbled kinks—and your body will

resound at every fork, tuning-fork-like—

and every road you ever rambled will be

re-scrambled to appear to have brought

you here where you fit so perfectly, where

you can practically predict where to find

every bench or postbox, and where you

can cue every little old lady who leaves

her flat to buy bread—as if she were

locking up a little room in your head

and trading your idea of money for your

idea of food before returning to wipe

her shoes on the mat your mind’s laid flat

and fit her flat key to its shoulder into

the strike plate keyhole through which you

daily romance her as she grows older—

that worn, dome-topped slot that looks

as if two question marks met on the road

to kiss and mate and make one question

opening, opening—each forever the

other’s only answer.

Hear Todd read this poem and others from Someday the Plan of a Town.

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An epic global migration, caused largely by climate change but exacerbated by fear-driven socioeconomic policymaking, will characterize the coming century. We are soon to become a planet of nomads, trading the known for the unknown, increasingly dependent upon one another, forced to content ourselves with less.


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