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POEM: It Is Enough to Enter

A quiet poem of spiritual reassurance, Todd's "It Is Enough to Enter" was selected by editor Jack Miles to open The Norton Anthology of World Religions (2014) in his introductory essay, "How to Read This Book." The poem also appears in Miles's later adaptation of the essay in book form, Religion as We Know It: An Origin Story (Norton, 2019).

Click here to hear Todd read this poem.

It Is Enough to Enter

the templar

halls of museums, for

example, or

the chambers of churches,

and admire

no more than the beauty

there, or remember

the graveness of

stone, or

whatever. You don’t

have to do any

better. You don’t have to


the liturgy or know history

to feel holy

in a gallery or presbytery.

It is enough

to have come just so far.

You need

not be opened any more

than does

a door, standing ajar.

"It Is Enough to Enter" opens Todd's second collection, Pitch (2012, W. W. Norton & Co), now available in paperback. Order it wherever you buy your books.


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