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Todd Boss (b. 1968) is an Emmy-winning, Grammy-nominated American producer, writer, installation artist, and innovator. His fourth poetry collection from W. W. Norton & Co. is Someday the Plan of a Town (2022). His poems have appeared in The New Yorker, American Poetry Review, Poetry, and on NPR. His first children’s book, The Boy Who Said Wow, is due in 2024 from Simon & Schuster's Beach Lane imprint. His lyrics have premiered at Kennedy Center and Carnegie Hall. His Motionpoems production company has turned 150 poems into short films that have screened around the world. His podcast, There’s a Poem in That, launched in 2023. His patented consumer products include an adhesive laptop carrier. His installations include augmented reality works and building projections. A farm kid from Wisconsin's Chippewa Valley, he sold all his possessions in 2018 and circled the globe in a series of 30+ house-sits. He is still a nomad.



Photo by René Treece Roberts.

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