POETRY FILMS: Art + Medicine

When the Center for the Art of Medicine at the University of Minnesota Medical School came calling during Covid-19, Todd's film company responded.

Dr. Jon Hallberg needed poetry films on wellness themes for his Emmy-winning "Art + Medicine" program for Twin Cities Public Television. The first film in the series, Calum Macdiarmid's adaptation of Todd's poem, "On Lockdown," is viewable here. The series is guest produced by Roxanne Artesona.

The series is themed to support caregivers and encourage a plagued world. The next film in the series was Tamika Miller's adaptation of Marge Piercy's timeless modern classic, "To Be of Use."

Motionpoems welcomes other co-production partners, in any industry, to tap the power of poetry and film to engage audiences and constituents on relevant, timely social issues. Co-producing with Motionpoems demonstrates a level of intellectual sophistication and creative credibility that elevates brands and electrifies communities.

I have a mandate to integrate the arts into clinical or self-care practice

to deepen empathy, encourage curiosity, promote creative thinking,

and embody the joy of practice. I can think of no better partner than Motionpoems.

 Dr. Jon Hallberg, Director, Center for the Art of Medicine

There's poetry for any theme, and Motionpoems's worldwide network of filmmakers is standing by to recharge campaigns, conferences, and communications. Whatever the goal—laughter, healing, instruction, empathy, appreciation—Motionpoems is here. Contact Motionpoems for a conversation about what's possible.

Was it odd to have a doctor calling ME during a pandemic? Yeah. But it stands to reason. Too often in a culture that overvalues economics, poetry is seen as ancillary to the human enterprise, but when the chips are down, we remember that we're more than cogs in the wheels of commerce, we're the stuff of poetry and music and wonder and dreams.